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Ticking Towards Tomorrow with boAt Lifestyle's Smartwatch Revolution.

For a smartwatch launch, we orchestrated an innovative campaign that seamlessly blended outdoor activations with digital dynamism, positioning boAt at the forefront of India's wearable technology scene. This dual-channel approach not only amplified the launch but also engaged consumers in a conversation about the future of connectivity and style, establishing boAt's smartwatches as the must-have accessory for the tech-savvy and fashion-forward.




Stratergy, GTM Plan

The outdoor campaign was designed to grab attention in high-traffic areas, utilizing billboards, interactive kiosks, and live demonstrations that showcased the smartwatch's cutting-edge features.

A man wearing boAt watch near a water marketing design
3D visuals of Lunar Eclipse boat brand for marketing

Its sleek design, health monitoring capabilities, and seamless connectivity—these features allowed us to tell a story that resonated with both the tech-savvy and the health-conscious.

Watch digital features and different watch straps marketing design
Man running marketing design
boAt watch feature wall mural board marketing design

Through a blend of local insights and vibrant storytelling, we turned stores into community hubs where the spirit of sport lives and breathes.

Experience the world boAt campaign on a billboard
boAt watch features a bus stand kiosk
boAt watch features a metro board
boAt watch strap material 3D
boAt watch strap material showcase
Lunar Eclipse boat watch truck marketing
watch feature marketing boards at the movie theatre

These activations were not just advertisements; they were experiences that allowed consumers to interact with the product, understand its value, and envision it in their lifestyle.

The key visual design of the boAt watch on the billboard
weather, stopwatch, alarm and countdown feature of watch for meta ads
Newspaper Marketing Ad of Decathlon by Integra Magna
OOH Marketing of a man playing basketball in Decathlon merch.
Map of the illustration of the island created for Decathlon

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