Prestige University embarked on a transformative branding project to position itself as the crucible for future leaders.

Prestige University


Sculpting Leaders of Tomorrow at Prestige University

Specializing in super-specialized MBA courses, the university aimed to craft an identity that resonates with ambition, innovation, and excellence. Through strategic branding, we highlighted Prestige University's commitment to not just education, but to shaping the global business leaders of tomorrow with cutting-edge courses tailored for the visionary, the strategist, and the disruptor.




Branding, Visual Identity, Stratergy, Brand Positioning

A blue book with the 'Prestige University' branding, featuring the tagline 'to Know, to Be, to Do.

The challenge was to encapsulate the university's ethos of innovation, leadership, and academic rigor in a brand identity that speaks directly to the aspirations of ambitious students around the globe.

A person carrying a tote bag with the 'Prestige University' branding.
'Prestige University' flags with university branding
Two young men studying together in a library at Prestige University.
Directional signpost with arrows pointing to different schools of Prestige University, including the School of Management, School of Design, School of Applied Arts, School of Architecture, and School of Technology.

Through our strategic branding efforts, we established Prestige University not just as an institution of higher learning, but as a crucible for innovation and leadership.

Poster on a glass door for 'Prestige University' with the headline 'Why does India need one more university?
Three young men studying together at a table at Prestige University.
Giant Blue Board facade with the 'Prestige University' logo.
Mural with the 'Prestige University' logo and pattern with a detailed line art illustration of various educational and technological elements.
Hands-holding icons representing sustainability, industry, agriculture, shipping, finance, and transportation.

Prestige University's reimagined brand identity is a promise of the transformative educational journey that awaits its students, setting a new benchmark for MBA education on the global stage.

Prestige University backpack hanging on a pole.
A person holding a Prestige University poster that reads 'Expect More: Step up to higher paying roles and super specializations.
Two people wearing Prestige University hoodies. The front hoodie features a humorous graphic with the text 'Why did the business decide to meditate? To find its inner profit.' The back hoodie displays the Prestige University branding.
Brochure for Prestige University showcasing its philosophy, pillars, admission procedure, and industry partners.
An open brochure for Prestige University's 5-Year Integrated Management Program.
A book titled 'Industry Relevant Education.' The book has a blue cover with white line art illustrations.
Board Advertising Motivata Fest and it's Detail.
Motivata Fest 2022 drink cans with colourful designs.
Tote bag with the colourful branding of Motivata Fest 2022.

A Festival of Self-Growth, Heart of the vibrant youth culture.

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